We are a leading manufacturer of premium men’s wear with customer satisfaction and happiness being our priority. What makes Finnoy distinctive is its exclusive world-class machines where rich fabric is used. Exorbitant importance is given on hygiene maintenance and is thoroughly checked with equal importance given on comfort and designer wear.

Finnoy aims to provide the best product at the most reasonable price. Our extra premium dress when worn, gives a royal look making you the center of attraction in a crowd or a party. Every work including a selection of fabric, manufacturing, sale, quick delivery will be checked personally by the Directors of the Company apart from the staff responsible for it. We have designed these shirts for all age group men.

The price of the extra premium shirts makes the brand Finnoy different from the rest of the companies as we provide the best quality at minimum rates, unlike other brands. We welcome feedback from our customers/clients and strive to become the best with your responses.

Why Finnoy


Our shirts are crafted of fabrics from the finest mills in the world. Luxury starts with premium materials, so we insist on using only the best. We use SUPERFINE EGYPTIAN GIZA COTTON which is the highest quality of pure cotton fiber that is cultivated in the delta region of the river Nile in Egypt.


In order to keep the shirts perfect and impeccable after several washes and ironing, we use high stitch density per square inch and the shirts are sewed using the latest technology on one of the world’s best machines with top quality sewing threads.


Every single person wants to be liked and cherished in their group whether it is in office, parties, or families. People naturally have the desire to improve their standing in the community with a smart look. Different genres of clothing are available in the market but the one that we represent is the best of the Latest Global Menswear. Wearing these clothes will not only give you the confidence to stand out in the crowd but will also comfort you in any seasonal changes.


Our trained and certified pattern masters and high-quality stitching ensures an incomparable fit. We provide you with an option of a slim or regular fit that would be like a custom fit on most of the Indian men bodies


The shirts are directly delivered to you from our manufacturing facility, thus, eliminating the middlemen which will ultimately cut down the price and provide you shirts at the most reasonable price. You will receive your product at a value that is impossible for traditional retailers to match and for you to flaunt upon.


We understand that shopping online can be strenuous for some of you and to resolve this pain, we have introduced a dedicated customer service team for any kind of concern you face. We’re completely dedicated to our customers and will go to any extend to ensure happiness from our product.

Product Size Guide

Our Standard sizes come in two fits: Regular fit and Slim Fit; the slim fit shirts being more suitable for the leaner and athletic body structures. All measurements are taken in inches. Measurements are actual shirt measurements.