Fabric Guide

The lifecycle of your shirt will extend if you follow the below-mentioned instructions for your FINNOY shirt: Do not dry clean your shirts, as the chemicals used in the process will weaken the fibers of the fabric. Refrain from using starch, bleach, or any other chemicals. All FINNOY shirts can be machine washed but in a cold setting to keep the shrinkage to a minimum. All shirts tend to shrink about 2-3%. Hang dry your shirt. Machine drying may lead to shrinkage and can damage some of the finer fabrics. Once the washing program is finished, hang the shirt on a hanger and stretch the collar, cuff, and front plackets softly. Do not wring the shirt. Ironing your shirt when it is still slightly damp, will make the job a little easier. Wire hangers work just fine, but you might want to invest in some thicker wooden hangers. A good wooden hanger will increase the life of a shirt and help it maintain its shape.

- Know your fabric -

Thread Count

Thread count refers to the size of the yarn. The higher the count, the resulting fabric is generally finer, smoother, and more expensive. Thus, 200s thread count yarn is finer and smoother than 180s, which is finer and more expensive than 140s and 120s, and so on. To look at it the other way, the lower the count, the heavier and coarser it is. Therefore, 40s thread count yarn is coarser and heavier than a 60s yarn, and so on.


Ply refers to the number of yarns twisted together to make a single thread. Single-ply means that a single yarn is made into a thread which in turn is used to weave the fabric. In two-ply (or double-ply), two single yarns are twisted together to make the resulting thread that is woven into the fabric. This gives the resulting fabric more strength, durability, bounce, and wrinkle resistance. Hence most formal shirts are preferred in 2-ply since it inherently gives wrinkle-resistance properties to the fabric and prevents them from re-creasing once they have been ironed.


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